"How to STOP Wasting Your Time on the Elliptical Machine And Actually Get the Fat Loss and Cardio Results YOU Want! "


An important article by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

I’d almost rather you stay home and sit on the couch, watching TV, and stuffing your face with potato chips, then commit the sinful elliptical machine mistake I’m about to tell you about.

I find it truly amazing how many people are wasting their time on the elliptical machine. You see it every time you enter the gym…

A lady reading a magazine, while she glides along without breaking a sweat.

An out of shape businessman on his cell phone discussing the latest deal – his legs doing the bare minimum to keep him moving.

A young, overweight girl watching MTV on the TV in front of her - more fixated on the latest drama in “The Hills” then what’s she doing (or should I say not doing) on the elliptical.

This stuff drives me insane!

And these are actual, real-life accounts of what I see at my local gym. But these same scenarios are playing out all around the world and they’re preventing gym-goers from reaching their fitness goals.

Instead, they’re wasting peoples’ time.

The Elliptical Machine is a Double-Edged Sword

Used improperly, it will make your time in the gym more worthless than a Government-backed Bond in Greece.

But used properly, it can transform your body and cardiovascular endurance quicker than you can imagine.

The biggest mistake that people make on the elliptical is that they allow the machine – not their muscles – do the work.

The elliptical machine’s “arms” and “legs” move in a circular motion around a flywheel – much like a bike.

When there is little to no resistance as you increase your speed on the elliptical, the flywheel’s momentum ends up doing most of the work, thereby; making you THINK you actually did the work.

In reality, you haven’t done anything.

The solution to this problem is simple…

Increase the resistance as you increase your speed.

When this happens your muscles are now doing the work and now the true POWERS of the elliptical can shine through.

The Leanest and Fittest Athletes Use Elliptical-Like Movements

To improve BOTH your cardiovascular endurance and burn fat you need to intake and deliver more oxygen to your muscles. It’s as simple as that.

In order to increase your oxygen intake you need to recruit more muscle, since muscle requires oxygen to produce energy.

So let me ask you this:

“If the goal is to consume large amounts of oxygen, then what do you think would be the ideal form of cardio to do?”

Well, let’s look at the typical options…

Running, biking, swimming, elliptical (or cross-country skiing), rowing, walking, stair climbing/stair master, upper body ergometer, and obviously many outdoor sports such as cross-country skiing.

These all work, but to varying degrees.

We’re interested in not only what works but works what works BEST!

You want to get the best bang for your buck, right?

Since the goal is to maximize oxygen consumption, it is essential to find activities that will recruit the greatest amount of muscle.

Athletes in sports that require large amounts of muscle have the highest levels of cardiovascular endurance (VO2 max) and are typically the leanest because their sports demand lots of muscles and thus lots of oxygen...

The result = they burn lots of calories!

Accordingly, the highest VO2 max on record exists not in runners (as many would think) but rather cross-country skiers!

Think about that for a second…

Cross-country skiing involves just about EVERY muscle in your body working together against resistance.

Both your upper body and lower body muscles are pushing and pulling, which makes this movement/sport not only a great cardio training tool but also fantastic fat burning machine.

The following chart shows you just how powerful cross-country skiing (and elliptical) can be when done properly. At any given bodyweight, it BURNS MORE CALORIES than any other form of cardio, even at slower speeds!

But you can also see from the above chart that running burns a few more calories than cross-country skiing but only at faster speeds.

So yes, running is effective too BUT…

If running is not your cup of tea for whatever reason (joint pain, don’t enjoy it, etc…), then your best bet for burning maximum calories and getting a terrific cardiovascular workout is cross-country skiing.

However, cross-country skiing is obviously not available in its purest form to the majority of us.

Thankfully, that’s where the elliptical comes in handy.

There are a numerous types of elliptical machines that mimic the cross-country skiing movement pretty closely. The biggest challenge facing elliptical users is that they don’t know how to properly use the machine.


I’ll Say It Again…

The key to effective elliptical usage boils down to eliminating the machine’s momentum by getting your muscles to do MORE of the work.

The only way to do that is by increasing the resistance to a point where your arms are required to work just as hard as your legs to create the movement.

Otherwise, forget about it!


It's For This Simple Reason That I Developed My Audio-Guided Elliptical Workouts.

I wanted (and needed) to provide people just like you the opportunity to have the proper coaching and workout structure that would maximize your time on the elliptical and produce great results in less than 30 minutes.

Because I’m committed to your success, I would highly recommend grabbing ONE (if not ALL) volume of my Elliptical Workouts so that you can experience the results that come from having my motivating coaching over your headphones while benefiting from the best 30-minute cardio workout of your life – guaranteed!

All you need is an iPod/MP3 player and you're set to have the BEST elliptical workout ever!


3 Reasons Why These Elliptical Workouts Will Produce Astonishing Results

#1 - Scientifically Designed Workout Structure = Better Results in Less Time

Each of the 4 Elliptical Workouts has been created based on what produces the best cardio and fat burning results – interval training.

Interval training has been shown in hundreds of studies to be the most effective and time-efficient way to achieve these goals.

Interval training is highly invigorating as it involves repeating bouts of high-intensity and low-intensity efforts. For instance, on the elliptical this could mean going at high speed (ie. 120 RPM) for 20 seconds followed by a recovery (ie. 80 RPM) for 40 seconds. This sequence would then be repeated several times for a given amount time.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrated that, compared with a control group, 8 months of either low amount/moderate intensity, low amount/high intensity or high amount/high intensity exercise all led to positive changes in overall lipoprotein (one type of blood fat) profile in overweight subjects.

The latter group (high amount/high intensity) also gained the best training, fat loss, and blood lipid effect!

Working at higher intensities promotes a greater total calorie loss (even after you’re finished exercising) and that’s what really matters if you’re looking to burn fat and stay lean.

Furthermore, the enzyme HSL (hormone sensitive lipase), is required for the breakdown of stored fat.

However, a remarkable study investigating the effects of exercise of extreme duration at low-intensity on body fat profile had subjects complete a 32-day crossing of the Greenland ice cap on cross-country skis.

After this incredible crossing, the researchers discovered that HSL activity was NOT influenced by the prolonged low-intensity physical activity in either arm or leg muscle. This is consistent with results from similar studies.

This study showed that extreme long-duration, low-intensity exercise has almost NO effect on HSL activity and thus the body’s ability to burn fat.

Conversely, HSL activity has been shown to increase during interval training workouts!

Helps You Burn More Calories…Even While You’re Not Exercising!

The other great benefit of interval training is what I like to call “passive fat burning” in which your body’s metabolism is revved up for several hours post-workout helping you burn more calories even though your workout is long done.

Technically, this exercise after-burn, is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), and represents the number of calories expended (above resting values) after an exercise bout.

EPOC represents the oxygen consumption the body uses to return to its pre-exercise state.

Your body can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours to fully recover to a resting state. Studies have found that the magnitude and duration of EPOC depend on the duration and, more importantly, on the intensity of your workout.

As exercise intensity increases, the magnitude and duration of EPOC increase.

In a 1991 study published in the journal Metabolism, subjects completed cardio workouts at intensities of 29%, 50% and 75% of their VO2max for a period of 80 minutes.

The greatest EPOC was reported following the highest exercise intensity (75% VO2max) with 30 liters of oxygen consumed or 150 calories burned.

Note: it is well understood in all exercise physiology and nutrition texts that for every liter of oxygen consumed, approximately 5 calories are burned.

Additionally, the duration of EPOC following the highest intensity exercise was significantly longer when compared to the lower-intensity bouts (10.5 hours versus 0.3 and 3.3 hours).

That’s an astounding difference!

These results are very powerful and demonstrate once again that intensity is king when it comes to burning calories.

In a more recent study out of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition researchers investigated the effects of low-intensity (50% VO2max) and high-intensity (75% VO2max) exercise on the EPOC response.

Although the energy expended during both exercise bouts was the same 500 calories, the higher intensity workout caused a significantly higher EPOC than the lower intensity bout – 9 liters of oxygen (or 45 calories) versus 4.8 liters (or 24 calories).

Without further numbing your brain with more science, you can rest assured that the majority of studies have concluded that interval training elicits a greater EPOC response when compared to continuous “same slow pace” cardio.

What that means to you is this…

Use interval training and you’ll burn more calories during and after your workouts without spending all day in the gym.

Sound good? I thought so.

And you’ll get to enjoy the incredible benefits of the most effective interval training protocols when you use my Elliptical Workouts.

#2 - Real-Time Coaching and Motivation Over Your Headphones

The other powerful reason that the Elliptical Workouts WILL help you reach your fitness goals faster is because you’ll have me to coach and motivate you through your workouts.

This alone is huge.

Most people don’t have the luxury of hiring a trainer. After all, most good trainers cost upwards of $100 per hour. But, can we agree that working out with a trainer is probably going to help you reach your goals faster?

So what do you do?

You can do what everyone else does…go at this all by yourself and try to figure out how to exercise most efficiently to produce the best results.

But this obviously doesn’t work because most people who work out on their workout on their own – even using a straightforward cardio machine like the elliptical – still have no clue.

Plus, who’s going to motivate you when you start to get to the edge of your comfort zone? No one.

Most people likely slow down or stop when the going the gets tough.

But you don’t have to let that hold you back because with my coaching and motivation over your headphones….

I’ll hold your hand and show you the way to the promised land, while motivating and encouraging you when you need it the most.

#3 - Sculpt and Tone Your Muscles (Not Just Your Heart and Lungs)

Did you ever think that an elliptical cardio workout could actually sculpt and tone your muscles too?

Yes, it can…if you do it properly.

And that’s what you’ll experience with all 4 of my Elliptical Workouts. Not only will your heart and lungs reap the benefits of these exhilarating workouts but so too will your arms.

In fact, follow my lead and you can say goodbye to that underarm turkey flab and enjoy stronger, leaner, and more toned arms...

Perfect for that tank top or summer-time dress.


With said, I’m sure you can start to realize that doing another elliptical workout on your own would be pure insanity.

Why would you, when you can enjoy my coaching, motivation, and scientically-designed Elliptical Workouts to help you burn more fat and better your cardio fitness in far less time?

So let me introduce you to your 4 new best friends…

Meet Your Fat-Burning Elliptical Workouts

Elliptical Workout 1

Difficulty: Beginner

Duration: 36:00

In this beginner workout, I’ll take you through a comprehensive warm-up followed by 3 different and exhilarating interval sections. This workout focuses on keeping a constant resistance level while increasing the speed (RPM) for a truly unique and enjoyable elliptical experience.

Pumping music with smoothly timed coaching will take your cardio workouts to the next level.

Click the image to see the workout structure...

Click play to listen to a "snippet" from the workout

Regular Price: $19.95

NOW JUST $14.95




Elliptical Workout 2

Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate

Duration: 35:29

In this slightly more advanced workout, I’ll again coach you through a comprehensive warm-up followed by 3 different and exhilarating interval sections.

The difference in this workout is that we’ll focus on keeping a constant speed (RPM) while increasing the resistance. This is a great cardio workout for developing greater strength endurance while burning more calories than you thought possible in only 35 minutes.

Click the image to see the workout structure...

Click play to listen to a "snippet" from the workout

Regular Price: $19.95

NOW JUST $14.95




Elliptical Workout 3

Difficulty: Intermediate

Duration: 32:21

Elliptical Workout 3 features a warm-up, cool-down, and 3 strategically designed progressive challenges in between. In this workout, you’ll enjoy the “Progressive Challenge”, “Resistance Challenge”, and “Speed + Resistance Challenge” to get your muscles pumping and fat cells surrendering more fat to be used as fuel.

This is a more challenging workout than the previous two and a great addition for those who want serious results.

No matter your fitness level, you’ll be able to find a way to make this session work for you – just as long as you’re willing to do the work.

Click the image to see the workout structure...

Click play to listen to a "snippet" from the workout

Regular Price: $19.95

NOW JUST $14.95




Elliptical Workout 4

Difficulty: Advanced

Duration: 39:28

Our BRAND NEW addition to the Elliptical Workout series is perhaps the most enjoyable and challenging of the lot. Featuring a combination of interval and “resisted speed” challenges, this is the cardio workout to end all cardio workouts.

This is an Elliptical Workout on steroids. If you want to skyrocket your cardiovascular fitness and sculpt and tone your arms, buns, and thighs…then this is the “all-in-one-solution” you need to be using.

Click the image to see the workout structure...

Click play to listen to a "snippet" from the workout

Regular Price: $19.95

NOW JUST $14.95




You probably didn’t even know that we had this site. And that’s because we literally just pulled it out of the “cellar” and dusted it off.

We originally put the older, ugly version of this site up in 2007 and it featured only the first two Elliptical Workouts.

But then, we had so many request from our clients asking us if we had elliptical workouts that I said “Enough is enough!”

So, we created 2 new workouts, revamped the site, and brought it back to life.

And to celebrate our “relaunch” of EllipticalWorkouts.com we’re doing something very special for you.

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It's time for you to have an enjoyable cardio workout designed to burn fat, skyrocket your aerobic endurance, keep you motivated, and actually show you how to properly use the elliptical machine!


Here’s What YOU Can Expect By Using My Audio-Guided Elliptical Workouts

  • You will no longer feel bored during your cardio sessions!

  • You will burn at least twice as many calories in half the time!

  • You'll get to spend less time exercising while enjoying greater fat loss and cardio fitness improvements.

  • Be amazed at how they increase your lean muscle, while getting rid of those saggy areas.

  • You'll never workout alone or waste your time on the eliiptical ever again!


100% Results or
Your Money Back GUARANTEE

My promise to you is simple...

If you use these workouts and find that they don't give you the BEST elliptical workout of your life AND you don't feel fitter and slimmer as a result of using them, then just email us and we'll refund your money.

All I ask is that you use them 2-3 per week.

Is that fair enough?


Grab Your Workouts and Get Started Today


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You Might Be Asking Yourself...

Q: How do I get started?

It's quite simply really. Just choose your individual workouts OR select the 4-pack special and complete your checkout process on our secure payment page.

Once you purchase your Elliptical Workouts you’ll receive an email from us with the download links for your workouts.

Within that email, just click on the links and your workouts will then be downloaded and saved on your computer - now you can easily upload them onto your iPod or MP3 player and you're ready to get started!

All you need to enjoy the program is an iPod/MP3 player, an elliptical machine, and the desire to have a great cardio workout. That's it!

Q: What if I've never worked out before OR what if I'm more advanced?

The Elliptical Workouts have been designed for all fitness levels. Regardless of your fitness level you can enjoy these cardio workouts since they have been uniquely designed using your initial fitness level as a starting point.

Therefore, as you become fitter, the workouts inherently become more challenging as you're able to work at higher speeds and intensities relative to your ever-increasing aerobic fitness.

However, with that said, Elliptical Workouts 1 and 2 have been designed for the beginner/intermediate level while Elliptical Workouts 3 and 4 are slightly more advanced.

Q: What type of elliptical machine can I use?

There are many different forms of elliptical machines on the market. Not to worry - the Elliptical Workouts have been designed for use on ANY type of elliptical. Whether your machine has movable arm attachments or not, these workouts will work perfectly as long as you can adjust the resistance and speed.


Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Creator, EllipticalWorkouts.com

P.S. Your results are guaranteed by my 100% money back promise. If you aren't satisfied with your results from the program, just let us know and you'll be refunded every penny before the end of the 60-day period. And no matter what you decide, you can keep ALL of the bonuses.

As a Reminder...

You can choose any one of the 4 Elliptical Workouts and SAVE an immediate 25% OFF each one (choose them above),


You can grab ALL 4 workouts and get an instant bundled discount of 54% OFF the regular price (click "Add to Cart" below)!

*Just $37 vs. the regular price of $79.80 (when each sold separately).*


Click Here to Grab ALL 4 Elliptical Workouts For
54% OFF the Regular Price


NOTE: All 4 Elliptical Workouts are instantly downloadable programs in the MP3 (audio) and PDF (text) format. Nothing will be shipped to you. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with download links for your workouts.


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